Welcome to WordFly Community

A friendly community of arts marketers.

About Us

We’re here to help you become a world class arts marketer, collaborate with others, and have some fun while you’re at it. Whether your focus is on email design, SMS, surveys, reporting, automation, or something else, there’s a place for you here in the WordFly Community.

Our mission is to help increase access to arts, culture, and live experiences around the world. We are WordFlyers! 

Why You Should Join

Marketing a venue, selling tickets, engaging fans, and developing a strong membership base is hard work. You’re gonna need some friends! Joining the WordFly Community gives you the opportunity to build relationships with hundreds of other like-minded marketers, educators, creators, and data crunchers. Please be kind, curious, and contribute to the conversation.

A Big Thanks

We’ve had the great honor to work with the arts marketing community for nearly 15 years. We can’t thank you enough for being here, participating, and making this a safe and positive place for everyone doing this work. We believe that providing greater access to arts, culture, and live experiences is good for humanity. We hope you’ll make the most of this space and help us all make the world a better place. Thank you again for participating! 

Our Values

Every house has rules. Here are ours.


This isn’t Facebook or Twitter. We’re not here to fight, troll, or otherwise be awful to each other. We’re all here to help. Be nice. If you’ve got a beef about something, take it outside this community. If someone is being not nice, let us know right away! 

Proactively Helpful

This space is for learning! Help your fellow arts and culture marketers do their best work. You’ve got experience, skills, and ideas we all value. Reach out. Make contact. Lead from the heart.

Challenge Ideas, Not People

We encourage new ideas and discussion. Remember, just because you disagree about where to put the “Buy now” button in your next email, it doesn’t make the other person your enemy.

Provide Valuable Feedback

We’ve been proactively listening and building your ideas in WordFly from the very start. It’s the only digital marketing system built for live entertainment venues. Please give us helpful feedback about our product and roadmap. But do it like an old pal, wouldya? We’re a small scrappy team, just like yours. We promise, we’re all doing our best. Providing clear, focused feedback directly to a Host is way more productive than posting raging comments or starting a comment hell-scape. Hey, we get it. We use software, too, but let’s make it better together. We’re on your side, we swear!